Solace found in Grief. A mother’s healing touch.

The day was June 19th. 6 months ago. That was the day he died, the day that changed Ema forever . It all happened so quickly and all of a sudden, it was all over. He was gone and he wasn’t ever coming back. She retreated from the world as she no longer found light in anything. Whenever she closed her eyes, she saw his wonderful smile and heard his carefree laughter that always had a way to turn her day around. She woke up today with the same sorrow in her heart as she wore the same black clothes she always did since then. Would she ever feel joy again?

She walked down the stairs and saw her mother cooking. “Good morning mum.” She said blankly. Her mother turned around and her eyes were filled with concern, “Good morning Ema! How are you? Did you have a good night’s sleep?”

She replied, “Oh the usual. I slept well thanks.” She sat down for breakfast. It was bread. She picked it up and ate it slowly almost groggily. Her mother took a seat next to her and sighed softly. She started talking, “Ema… I know it’s been hard but we’re all so worried about you.”She took Ema’s hand in her own. Ema looked into her eyes and said the same thing she always said, “Mum, I know I have been distant and different but you don’t need to worry. I just need time.” Her mother continued softly, “It’s been six months dear…. And I know it’s difficult. When I lost your father….I thought I couldn’t live anymore and that life wasn’t worth living without him by my side. But then, I saw you. And I knew that I had to live and see your grow up into the beautiful lady you are today. It takes time to heal darling but know that I’m always here for you. That we’re all here for you.”

Ema didn’t respond. All those months she had grieved in silence refusing to accept the truth and move on. She had held on for too long. But, was he truly gone? Is there really no return? She closed her eyes and tried to fight the torrent of emotions inside her but before long, tears rolled down her face and she hugged her mother. ” Oh mum! Is he really gone?! Did he really leave me?! What do I do now? What do I live for mum! My life has no meaning without him in it!”

Her mother simply held her embrace as Ema continued to sob. She replied in a voice no louder than a whisper. ” Why don’t you give it meaning? Are you sure he would be happy if you lived your whole life grieving for him? Move on not only for yourself my dearest, but also for him. Move on so that he knows that his one true love was content for the rest of her days. Start anew and take to your passions, your desires. I know you’re​ strong enough.”

Ema closed her eyes and willed herself to dry her eyes. She thought to herself. What brings her joy? And the answer was clearer than day. She looked at her mother straight in her eyes. Determination shewn in her eyes. “Mum, the only way I can live my life happily and not for the sake of living is if I become a teacher.” Her mother looked astonished. She asked her, “Why a teacher dear?” Ema replied with a sad smile on her face. She touched the ring on her left hand and squeezed it. “He would’ve done that. He always told me that he wished more than anything in the world to bring happiness to a child’s face. I… I want to be closer to him mum. I want to feel him and understand him. And I think this is the best way to do that.” Her mother said nothing for a few seconds. Then, she smiled with tears in her eyes, “Oh Ema! I’m so proud of you! Do whatever makes you happy darling and aim for it with all your determination! I’m always here Ema.” Ema simply replied, “I know mum. And so is he.”

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